Lloyds PPI Claims


Although major banks, such as Lloyds Bank, would like to see the mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance compensation claims go away, it is still making major headlines across the UK.

And the headlines are not good news for borrowers.

One recent article in The Guardian said that banks have allegedly underpaid PPI compensation claims by some £1 billion. Topping the list of the banks being charged with underpayment is Lloyds Bank.

This illustrates how important it is to have your Lloyds Bank PPI claimed handled by an expert who knows all the tactics the bank uses to avoid payment or underpay claims. We have been winning claims of the maximum amount due to Lloyds Bank customers for many years and have a proven track record you can count on to get you the money that you are owed from mis-selling PPI.

Wide range of loans

Further, we know that as one of UK's biggest lenders—with mortgages, credit cards, personal and business loans—that the amount of money at stake with Lloyds Bank is very big, pushing the stakes even higher. This is reflected in the fact that Lloyds Bank has also been charged with using a "loophole" to reduce PPI compensation payouts.

Don't allow yourself to get entangled in this "loophole" or other attempts Lloyds Bank might make to reduce your compensation award.

These recent revelations in some way reflect the bank practices that created the mis-selling scandal that has plagued the UK banking industry for some time now. It was when banks, such as Lloyds Bank, misinformed, failed to inform or committed fraud when prospective borrowers were applying for loans or credit cards that created the situation.

How PPI was mis-sold

It is impossible in this short space to outline all the ways Lloyds Bank may have mis-sold PPI to you, but let's quickly paint a picture so you can get an idea of how customers have been treated.

PPI can be a good financial product in some situations, but not every borrower is in those situations. Some borrowers, such as the self-employed or individuals with some medical conditions should not be sold PPI. You see, PPI is designed to take over payments on a loan in some instances when the borrower is unable to make payments. However, it includes exceptions for some self-employed individuals and when borrowers have some pre-existing conditions, among others.

However, we have seen many cases of mis-selling PPI that are even more troubling. As we have discussed cases with various Lloyds Bank customers, we have uncovered situations where the borrowers were unaware that they were paying for PPI or accepted the PPI only under pressure. These practices were, unfortunately, common place with many lenders. Sometimes, the checkbox for PPI would be "pre-checked" when borrowers were filling out their application forms.

Time is critical

Because of the size and the reach of this institution, Lloyds PPI claims can be made on a wide range of loans. Contact us immediately  you took out a

  • Lloyd's Bank mortgage
  • Lloyds Bank credit card, or
  • Any other kind of loan from Lloyds Bank.

We should also mention that if you are one of the many who have attempted to file your claim on your own, only to have it denied, we also have great success with Lloyds rejected PPI claims.

You see, as the banks are developing more ways to deny claims—such as the loophole described above—we have perfected our system of obtaining your PPI award even more. We have been able to stay "one step ahead" of the banks and this services our customers very well. They get the maximum amount of compensation.

Fast and easy claims

Another great feature of our system is that it makes the claims process fast and easy for you. You don't need to be an expert, because with our system, you are personally assigned an expert in PPI compensation who sees your claim all the way through the process. In fact, you do not have to fill out any forms with our system. We do all the hard work for you and we make sure it is done properly. In addition to being fast and effective, we:

  • Give you a free PPI checkup,
  • Quickly determine your eligibility
  • Have an excellent PPI claims track record,
  • Search to see if you might have additional claims,
  • Handle cases even when a family member has passed away,
  • Take the cases of expatriates, and
  • Handle claims for mis-selling that may be as old as 25 years.

With us on your team, the odds shift dramatically in your favour; our record proves that. And that is needed more today than ever before. You have probably seen the media reports indicating that banks are lobbying authorities to end PPI compensation awards.

Finally, let us underscore the urgency with one more piece of recent information. An undercover sting operation conducted by The Times found that Lloyds PPI claims complaints were being mishandled. It seems the bank was counting on rejected customers to merely give up. This could reduce their payouts dramatically.

Don't fall victim to the various ploys and obstacles the banks are using to avoid mis-sold PPI claim payouts, contact us today so we can start the process and get you the money you are owed as soon as possible.

Do it now, before it is too late.


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